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Founder and Director

Ease Stress Holistically is based on developing your own body-mind holistic strategies. My expertise includes Reiki, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, mindfulness practices, dance/movement improvisation, relaxation and others. I am a senior level dance/movement therapist. I have extensive experience working with varied populations using body-mind strategies to augment treatment plans provided by primary physicians and teams. I have conducted research and taught my approach in hospitals, internationally, and in community settings for many years.

Ease Stress Holistically supports your greater sense of wellbeing, enhances how you cope with stress, and regulates uncomfortable physical or emotional symptoms. I am experienced in working with a variety of age groups, spanning infancy through senior years. My approach is based on your needs, preferences, and abilities. My hope is to help you apply a comprehensive model that improves your quality of life to its fullest potential


"...I wanted to thank you for yesterday. I imagine how difficult it must be to hold spaces that don't let you in so easily. I learned a lot yesterday about remaining consistent in a role, knowing when not to take things personally, and being flexible and sensitive to a group's needs in the moment from you." 

graduate student


"You inspired genuine curiosity and openness to exploring culture in a sensitive and an empathetic manner. I believe that has been helpful in my transition to the US and transitioning back to India. I also believe that deep rooted humanity that I witnessed in your conversations and movements was touching and extremely refreshing. I thank you so much for being my teacher or as I like to address, my Guru." 

dance/movement therapist


"Sue has a gift of providing quality caregiving." 

 Pat, parent


"Sue's attentiveness to every detail and her ability to know exactly what is needed at any given moment is remarkable." 

 Hannah, parent


"Sue reminds us to look up from our papers full of numbers and data and remember that in the bed is someone's ill child who needs our help. And that doctoring is more than science. It is about caring." 

 Dr. Mark Siegel, MD, Pediatric Intensive Care Physician



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Red Ribbon Academy: Susan Orkand

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Ease Stress Holistically

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Avega in Rwanda

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Springer Publications

Orkand, Susan C.(2020) Dance/Movement as Resilience, Unity and Community in Rwanda: Shared Experience over Difference, Journal of the American Dance Therapy Association, Volume 42: 5-15
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